Puppy Class 2016 – Athens, GA

January 10, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Pet Supplies Plus
191 Alps Road
Athens, GA 30606
Tina Spring

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How much does the class cost?

The cost of this class is $100.00. You may bring a cash or a check with you to the first class. Or, we can invoice you via PayPal. Just let us know your preference.

Why does the ticket price above indicate that it’s free?

We’re leveraging many of the cool features of Eventbrite. But, not their fee collection one. Why? ‘Cause they charge for that. And, we’re trying to keep your costs down by keeping our costs down.

Embrace who they are and get them off to a bright start.

We are proud to be teaching the best puppy class in the area… The class is fun and entertaining and we are able to incorporate whatever we need to customize for each and every group. Handlers learn how to manage their puppy’s arousal and the end of each class is an open question time where staff sits down with each and every owner to see how progress is proceeding with each family and their puppy.

  • Open to the whole family
  • Socialization when it matters most
  • Quiet Holds
  • Bite Inhibition (soft mouth)
  • Eliminate Mouthing
  • Basic behaviors
  • Your puppy learns to work with you
  • Management of excitement
  • Operant methods are used to get behaviors
  • Get your puppy off to a bright start
  • Can be used with 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy

How often & when will we meet?

There are four, one-hour classes per session.

We meet the first four Sundays of each month (EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR HOLIDAY WEEKENDS.(EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR HOLIDAY WEEKENDS. There will be no classes on 1/3/16, 2/14/16, 3/27/16, 5/8/16, 5/29/16, 6/19/16, 7/3/16, 9/4/16, 10/2/16, 11/27/16, 12/25/16)

Because 11/27 and 12/25 are both the polite leash walking lesson we will make 12/4/16 a polite leash walking lesson instead of coming when called to make sure we get in the full rotation for everyone.

 All dates are subject to change. ) from 1:00—2:00 pm at the Pet Supplies Plus in the Kroger Complex off Alps Road & Baxter Street.

NOTE: Plan to stay until 2:30 pm the day of your first class for orientation.

Things to Bring:

  • Your dog’s shot records.
  • The signed liability form.
  • A large volume of tiny, high value treats.
  • The registration form (unless you filled it out online)
  • A sense of humor


First two rounds of vaccine.

No one class builds on the skills of the previous class so puppies can be enrolled as soon as they are ten (10) weeks of age and have two rounds of vaccine.


Be sure to fill out this form after purchasing your ticket(s).