Basic Clicker Class

This basic class is designed to teach you how to train your dog and to help your dog get along better in your family using methods that are dog and family friendly. Of course, equally important is that the methods work. This seven week class is designed to do just that. We teach you a variety of ways to get behavior and to get RID of behavior. You will learn about how to teach your dog, as well as how to understand your dog’s behavior.


  • Sit, down, stand
  • Polite Leash Walking
  • Coming When Called
  • Greeting Politely
  • Self Control
  • Attention
  • Settle
  • Trade & Leave It

How often & when will we meet?

We will meet Sundays from January 5th, 2019 through February 16th, 2019 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm at the Pet Supplies Plus in the Kroger Complex off Alps Road & Baxter Street. 

NOTE: No dogs week 1.

Things to Bring:

  • Your dog’s shot records.
  • The signed liability form (we will have them at orientation for you)
  • The registration form (unless you filled it out online)
  • A sense of humor :)Build your dog’s confidence and self-control in this class.This class will explore the basics of training a family dog positively and effectively. Sit, Stand, Down, Coming When Called, Polite Leash Walking, Stay, Canine Communication & Body Language and much, much more is covered.