Private Instruction

Private instruction allows us to see your dog’s behavior at home.

Private_InstructionPrivate instruction is available to suit the needs of any dog owner. Lessons are designed to be individualized for you and your dog. Private lessons are generally helpful for people who live with more than one dog or for specific behavior problems that occur at home but not in public.

Times and locations for private instruction are flexible to meet your needs.

If you don’t live near Athens, GA that’s okay! We do lots of online consultation to help you with your behavior and training needs across the US and Canada. We’ve been doing so for over 4 years!

This offering can cover the same skills in any of our other offerings (with the exception of puppy class) for people who cannot take advantage of the group class schedule.

  • Flexible locations.
  • Flexible times.
  • Flexible lesson plans.
  • Work on a whole set of skills or on a specific issue.
  • Allows instructors to observe the dog at home, where behavior is often different than in a group class.
  • Can cover the same skills as a group class.
  • Allows for “field trips” to work on behavior like dog aggression or distraction.
  • Excellent for multiple dog households.

Private Instruction Forms:

Please complete this behavioral survey to provide us with information about your situation. The survey will only take about 5 minutes and will provide us with valuable information to we can best be good stewards of your time and money.  We will not be able to schedule your Private Instruction session until you have completed it.

Use the form to provide us with information about your situation.

Use the form below to ask questions:


“Tina, You are my hero!!!!! After meeting with you yesterday, I walked Molly with her new collar on this morning and it was wonderful, she did have a slow but was fine in 3-4 minutes and the leash stayed slack. Thank you!!! Also she and Deuce ate their morning meal being hand fed and really did well… I feel like a different woman!!!! See you soon, Barbara