Board & Train

Board & Train can take the headache out of training your dog.

Board_And_TrainYour dog receives extensive one-on-one training with our skilled trainers, and is exposed to the distractions encountered in daily life.

This progress begins with an Assessment Consultation with our instructor(s). We take a detailed history, make suggestions on changes to the daily living environment of the dog, review nutrition, and discuss with you a training plan tailored to your needs. The cost of the Assessment Consultation is $170 and lasts approximately two hours.

Your dog will learn new skills and cues. Training sessions will take place at a trainer’s home, local shopping areas, and local parks. This well-rounded approach will allow your dog to generalize his new skills and behaviors. Rest periods and evenings are spend with his trainer.

Each training plan is customized to the individual dog. Your dog could learn any of the following skills and cues, depending on the training period chosen, and your priorities: attention, sit, down, stand, come when called, loose leash walking, sit stay, down stay, settle, leave it, shake, relax, rollover, and general self-control.

Typical boarding training periods are two and three weeks. Each includes a review and turn-over session with the owner to explain the techniques used, the cues learned, and suggested maintenance to continue learning and polishing of the skills taught. Within two weeks of turn-over, a follow up session is included to answer any questions and monitor progress at home.

  • Dog works with professional trainers
  • Tailored for you and your dog’s particular needs
  • Have your dog trained while you are on vacation.
  • Your dog is treated like a member of the family, living with the trainer while being taught
  • Programs designed for each situation… tailored to you and your dog’s unique needs.
  • Not all dogs will be accepted into this program.

Board & Train Contact Form:

Please follow this link to complete a behavior a survey and then follow this link to give us general information about your family and dog(s). We will not be able to schedule your Board & Train session until you have. No exceptions will be made.