Puppy Kindergarten (10-16 Weeks)

Embrace who they are and get them off to a bright start.

We already had the best puppy class in town, and now we have the most flexible, too! This class is focused on early puppy development. You can join as soon as your puppy is 10 weeks old and has had two rounds of vaccine. 

In the past, class was at a static day and time, but with the new space at Pet Supplies Plus we have more flexibility, and now your family does too. This is the same great class but with many more options for meeting times.

The class structure remains similar–a different lesson each week of the month–but it will be offered at a variety of times and days so you have the choice to get help when it works best for you! You can take each lesson as often as you like in order to focus on what’s best for your family. We also offer tiers of support so you can get as much or as little support as will best suit your family and puppy.

GOOD: In-Person Puppy Class. There are a variety of class times that allow you to come to class when it works for you, and you can vary it week to week! You will reserve your spot in the class time via Calendly. $175

BETTER: In-Person Puppy Class PLUS 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy, our on-demand, video based puppy rearing program. It includes tips, tricks, a 90 day training plan, activity logs to make house training easier and help reduce mouthing and biting, and a whole host of additional support. The basic membership includes enrollment in a dedicated subscribers group where you can post video, photos and questions. When you are a member of 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy, you are a member of a greater community of support. $250 (Regular price: $305)

BEST: In-Person Puppy Class PLUS 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy PLUS an hour of private instruction (we can break it up into two 30-minute sessions or one hour, we’re flexible) in the store. This is the best plan as you get all of the advantages of each program plus one-on-one time with an instructor focusing on you and your puppy’s specific needs. $350 (Regular price: $435)

Why does the ticket price above indicate that it’s free? We’re leveraging many of the cool features of Eventbrite except for their fee-collection one. Why? ‘Cause they charge extra for that. And, we’re trying to keep your costs down by keeping our costs down.

How often & when will we meet? Sign up for the class times that work for you once you’ve registered for class.


Coming When Called: The first week of the month

Sit/Down/Rollover/Grooming & Handling: The second week of the month

Explorer Puppy: The third week of the month is all about socialization.

Polite Leash Walking: The fourth week of the month

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NOTE: Follow this link to complete a registration form (unless you already filled it out online). Email us your puppy’s vaccine records to tina@sithappens.us or text a photo to 706-202-5419. We will send you an electronic liability waiver to complete and will have hard copies in class just in case.

AKC STAR Puppy & AKC Tricks Titles are available for those who meet the requirements.

WHAT TO BRING: A large volume of tiny, high value treats. A sense of humor

Prerequisites: A puppy between 10 and 16 weeks of age with a minimum of 2 rounds of vaccine.

No one class builds on the skills of the previous class, so puppies can be enrolled as soon as they are ten weeks of age and have two rounds of vaccine. Of course, if your puppy is sick, please refrain from bringing him or her into class until they are well.

We are often asked what is the single most important thing you can do to help ensure that your puppy grows up to be a healthy, happy, polite adult dog… and the answer is resoundingly, “A fantastic puppy class”. The developmental time between 10-16 weeks is very, very special and we want to take full advantage of this precious time.

The class is fun and entertaining and we are able to incorporate whatever we need to customize for each and every group.

Handlers learn how to manage their puppy’s arousal and the end of each class is an open question time where staff sits down with each and every owner to see how progress is proceeding with each family and their puppy.

  • Open to the whole family
  • Socialization when it matters most
  • Quiet Holds
  • Bite Inhibition (soft mouth)
  • Eliminate Mouthing
  • Basic behaviors
  • Appropriate interactions with other dogs and people
  • Management of excitement
  • Positive methods are used to train behaviors
  • Get your puppy off to a bright start
  • Can be used with 90 Days to the Perfect Puppy

This class is available at Pet Supplies Plus in Athens.

No one class builds on the skills of the previous class so puppies can be enrolled as soon as they are ten (10) weeks of age and have had two rounds of vaccine. Please carry your puppies in from the car to the training area of the back room where the floor has been disinfected to help prevent disease transmission.

Things to Bring to Class:

  • Your dog’s shot records (or email them to tina@sithappens.us)
  • The signed liability form. (we will send you a fillable and signable pdf)
  • The registration form (unless you filled it out online)
  • A large volume of tiny, high value treats

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“This is the best class we’ve ever taken in over twenty years of training dogs. This class is just amazing!” ~ Judy Gilvey, Sam’s Mom

“This class is designed based on the work of Dr. Ian Dunbar… the father of puppy classes. It is designed to optimize your puppy for the future… working to prevent the issues that often are causes for rehoming or a dog ending up in the shelter. It includes copies of both BEFORE and AFTER You Get Your New Puppy from Dr. Ian Dunbar. We are proud to offer this class.” ~ Tina Spring