Foundation Clicker Class

Build your handling skills to help your dog learn more quickly and with less stress.

The Foundation Clicker Course, originally created by Kay Laurence (Learning About Dogs), is a course for you and your dog. It serves as a starting point for any training you will do or as a stand-alone class. We’ll teach you all the skills needed to get the behaviors you want and to get rid of all the behaviors you don’t want. Upon successful completion you will be ready to begin more advanced training. This class will not only show you how to train your dog but also will help you to understand why you do what you do. It will give you a whole new understanding of your dog and the importance of your relationship with him or her. $250

  • Motivate without bribery
  • Use food rewards
  • Effectively lure a behavior.
  • Use a clicker.
  • Repeat and maintain quality.
  • Add cues and signals.
  • Control body language.
  • Manage training sessions.
  • Increase criteria.
  • Teach new behaviors by shaping.
  • Extend behaviors.
  • Add reliability.
  • Use targeting.

This class is 16 HOURS of instruction for YOU.

NOTE: No dogs week 1, No dogs Week 4. On Week 4 we will do an activity that is human only and will blow you away and make you a much, much better partner to your dog in training. It’s fun and great experiential learning.

Things to Bring:

How much does the class cost?

The Foundation Clicker Course is $250.